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The Terms and Conditions below are applicable for usage of the Globility Connect website, every visitor on this website is bound by these terms and conditions.
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Article 1: Access to the website
All information, being written content, files such as images or any other form of information on this website, is being presented to you solely for information purposes and do not offer any explicit or implicit guarantee.

Article 2: Liability with regards to the information offers on the website
All information offered on this website in the form of written content, documents, images, databases or any other, are provided without any guarantee or warranty on the responsibility of Globility Connect concerning the availability, adjustments for commercial or private use. Globility Connect rejects any form of liability resulting from usage of written content, documents, images or other information on this website, nor in the delivery or execution of these matters.

Article 3: Hyperlinks
In order to improve the user experience on the Globility Connect website, hyperlinks to websites of third parties may be offered on our website. The user is free to use or not use these hyperlinks. Any damage resulting from usage of these links falls beyond any responsibility and liability of Globility Connect as no guarantee is offered on the usage of these third parties’ websites, nor the content displayed there. The user of the Globility Connect website that discovers a hyperlink not redirecting correctly or not redirecting at all, is at all times invited to inform Globility Connect about this. Globility Connect reserves all rights to add, change or remove new or existing hyperlinks at all times.

Article 4: Protection of intellectual property
The logo, as is the company name of Globility Connect belong to its own copyright and are under no circumstance to be reproduced or displayed anywhere else without the prior written consent of Globility Connect. No trademark, brand name or other protected trade name will be displayed on the Globility Connect website without the explicit approval of the holders. Nevertheless, Globility Connect accepts no liability for the presence of information on its website that would possibly infringe the intellectual rights of third parties. Parties who believe their intellectual rights are being infringed as a result of a prohibited usage of their works are friendly invited to directly inform Globility Connect about this, after which all appropriate action will be taken to remove the infringing material at least temporarily of the Globility Connect website.

Article 5: Privacy policy
In order to allow the distribution of information by the website visitor towards Globility Connect, the user may be asked to share personal information such as name, e-mail address, Phone or fax numbers which can be used to identity the user. Globility Connect needs this information in order to offer support, answer questions or billing information, or inform the user about exceptional conditions. Globility Connect respects the privacy of this personal information and has constructed sufficient securities to protect this personal data.

More information regarding our Web Policy can be requested at the following e-mail address: info@GlobilityConnect.com